Endodontic Therapy

Because your tooth is a living part of your body, it contains nerves and requires blood circulation to remain strong and healthy.

Root Canal

Our doctor performs root canal therapy to save your tooth when the tissue within the root of the tooth containing the tooth's nerves and blood supply suffers damage or disease. The whole procedure may require a few office visits but can often be completed in one visit and your restored tooth will look and feel completely natural.

The Three Basic Steps of Root Canal Therapy

Step 1.

Once local anesthetic has taken effect, a small opening is created in the tooth and the internal part of the root, the canal, is cleaned and disinfected. Then medication is placed within the tooth and it is temporarily sealed.

Step 2.

After the tooth is free of infection, a biocompatible material is placed into the canal to fill and seal it, preventing bacteria from passing through it. A temporary filling may be placed while you await the completion of your restoration or a permanent tooth-colored filling or crown may be placed immediately, depending upon your individual case.

Step 3.

If a temporary filling is placed and you experience no further problems, a permanent restoration, generally a crown, will be placed within three to four weeks. Your beautiful, natural-looking restored tooth will feel, function and look just like all of your natural, healthy teeth.

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