Post-op Instructions

Dentures & Partials

Sore Spots

After wearing your denture/partial for 24 hours, your mouth will usually have some "sore spots." We can help to relieve these areas very easily at your next appointment.

  • Chewing: For a number of weeks, your new bite may not feel completely comfortable. Once your denture/partial has settled into place, we can adjust the contact surfaces of your teeth. 
  • Cleaning your Dentures/Partial: Clean your denture/partial easily using a denture brush with a mild toothpaste. It is also helpful to use a periodic denture soak, such as with Polident®. We recommend leaving partials out of the mouth at night, soaking in water.

Dentures only

Using a regular toothbrush, brush your gums once a day to toughen and clean them.

Partials only

Be especially careful to clean parts of your partial that contact any natural teeth. Both your partial and your natural teeth must be kept very clean every day to reduce the opportunity for new dental decay to flare up.

We take pride in providing you with well-fitted, functional, and esthetic dentures/partials. After a few weeks of adjustment, we are sure that you will enjoy years of satisfaction from them. Over time, when teeth are missing, the jawbone and gums shrink. Your dentures/partials will feel loose if this takes place and will probably need to be relined. Severe bone loss and serious oral disease can occur as a result of wearing ill-fitting dentures/partials for too long without refitting. Please call our office if you experience these symptoms so that we may maintain your denture or partial and your good oral health.

Note: These instructions are only intended for patients of the Vaughn Family Dentistry practice. If you are not a patient of Vaughn Family Dentistry, you should follow your own doctor's specific instructions.

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