Post-op Instructions

Root Canals

Endodontic (root canal) treatment can take 1 to 3 appointments depending on the case. After any of these appointments, you may experience: Sensitivity to hot and/or cold; sensitivity to pressure; possible swelling. Please call our office immediately if you experience swelling, since you may require additional medication.

  • During root canal therapy, the nerve, blood and nutrient supply to the tooth is removed. This causes the tooth to become brittle and prone to fracturing which can result in the need to extract the tooth. We recommend a full coverage crown to prevent risk of fracture. 
  • The anesthetic injection site along with some irritation of the gum tissue during the procedure may result in some soreness for a few days. 
  • A temporary filling may be placed, if needed, to seal the tooth between visits prior to placement of your permanent crown. 
  • Your tooth may feel high, or too tall, when you bite your teeth together. If so, it will remain sensitive for a longer period of time. Please call if you experience this sensation and we will correct it with a simple bite adjustment. 
  • Chew softly on the tooth while eating until your final restoration is placed. 
  • Root canal therapy is a treatment, not a cure. Its success rate is high; only about 4% fail. If you require root canal therapy, we will do everything we can to obtain a successful result and we'll gladly discuss the entire procedure with you and answer any questions you may have so that you feel confident about your decision to pursue this therapy.

Note: These instructions are only intended for patients of the Vaughn Family Dentistry practice. If you are not a patient of Vaughn Family Dentistry, you should follow your own doctor's specific instructions.

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