Post-op Instructions


  • We can apply plastic temporary restorations for a short period of time while your permanent veneers are being made. These temporaries are attached only slightly to the underlying tooth so they are easily removed. 
  • If a temporary becomes detached or falls off, call and we will replace it immediately. If you are not able to come in right away, put it temporarily back in place with some Fixodent denture adhesive. It's important to see us as soon as possible to have it properly attached. 
  • Your temporary's size, shape, and color do not resemble those of your final veneer. 
  • Temporary veneers can leak saliva or food onto the tooth. You may experience sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure, or sweets. Stains may also be visible under the temporaries. These will be removed prior to placement of your permanent veneers. 
  • Do not floss between the temporaries as they may pull off, and avoid heavy brushing. 
  • Your permanent porcelain veneers will replicate the beauty and function of your natural teeth. We use the finest materials and techniques currently available in the placement of our veneers.

Please be aware of the following information regarding your new restorations:

  • As with natural teeth, avoid chewing excessively hard foods on the veneered teeth (hard candy, ice, nuts, etc.) because the porcelain material can break under extreme pressure. 
  • Proper brushing, flossing, and regular 6-month cleanings are necessary to the long-term stability and appearance of your veneers. Small problems that develop with veneers can usually be found at an early stage and easily corrected, but postponing proper care can result in the need to replace an entire restoration. 
  • The gums may eventually recede from the veneers, allowing discolored tooth structure underneath to show. This generally takes place after many years and at that time veneer replacement is necessary.

Note: These instructions are only intended for patients of the Vaughn Family Dentistry practice. If you are not a patient of Vaughn Family Dentistry, you should follow your own doctor's specific instructions.

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