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Here is just a sample of what our patients have been saying about our dental practice for years.

You can search your whole life through finding a great dentist, but if you are reading this, your search is over.

Dear Dr. Vaughn,

I have been living in Fairfield, Connecticut for 13 years and for those years, I have been in search of an excellent dentist. After trying many different dentists, a good friend of mine suggested that I call Dr. Vaughn.

She had great results and the staff was terrific. I immediately called to make an appointment for a checkup and the rest, as they say, is “History.” Dr. Vaughn and his staff are extremely professional, friendly, and competent. My entire family loves to go to the dentist now, which is quite rare. Just recently I decided to have my old laminates (25 years old) removed and replaced with new ones. This was a big decision, but I knew that I was in GREAT hands with Dr. Vaughn. After the entire process was completed, I still cannot stop looking at my teeth many times a day. I feel more confident about myself, in my profession and personally; I am thrilled. Dr. Vaughn only uses the best material and takes his time with every project. If it is an examination, root canal, or fillings, you get the same attention no matter what. You can search your whole life through finding a great dentist, but if you are reading this, your search is over — Vaughn Family Dentistry is the place for you.


Sandra Lee

All procedures were entirely painless.

Dear Dr. Vaughn,

Most of my life, I wouldn’t smile openly due to embarrassment. Many of my teeth had turned dark, were chipped, missing and otherwise oddly shaped. I was a long-overdue candidate for a smile makeover. Upon my friend’s recommendation, I saw Dr. Vaughn for a consultation. I found him extremely knowledgeable, most professional, and sensitive to my concerns. I felt immediately at ease as Dr. Vaughn discussed my treatment options at length and laid out a plan, both dental and financial. He assured me that recreating my smile through noninvasive cosmetic dental techniques would have a positive impact not only on my physical appearance but on my confidence level, as well. Dr. Vaughn's warm personality and his skilled personnel helped add trust to the doctor-patient relationship.

Words cannot describe how happy I am with the results of Dr. Vaughn’s wonderful work. He meticulously prepared my teeth, advising me of each step, and worked tirelessly for the best creative solution. All procedures were entirely painless. The quality, naturalness and perfect fit, size and shape of the crowns are truly remarkable. I now have the gorgeous, radiant smile I always wanted. I look younger, more vibrant and I’m so self-assured. Dr. Vaughn has given me much more than a beautiful smile. I feel like I am leading a new life. Having the dental makeover done was the best investment I ever made. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

I urge those people that are considering cosmetic dentistry to make an appointment with Dr. Vaughn. He will always be the only dentist in the world for me and my family. I recommend him highly.

With deep gratitude,

Elena Franz

From my first visit to Vaughn Family Dentistry, I have felt at ease and very well cared for.

Dear Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Giuliano,

My husband and I relocated to Trumbull in June of 2005 after living in Maine for 25 years. As you can imagine, there were many adjustments to be made; however, the one that was of special concern to us was finding new medical and dental care.

Your office was recommended to me and it has been the most seamless transition of our move. From my first visit to Vaughn Family Dentistry, I have felt at ease and very well cared for. I had thought my first year of visits would consist of two six-month checkups. Instead, as you know, I’ve had several dental emergencies. In each case, you and your staff could not have been more accommodating. I was seen immediately and the quality of the care and treatment I received was outstanding.

Your staff combines professionalism with genuine concern for the patient. When I attempted to postpone an emergency visit until after a vacation, Melissa encouraged me to see you immediately so the problem would not get worse and affect my trip. Your assistant Susan and all the staff are wonderful. Their skill, professional demeanor, and friendliness obviously reflect the tone you’ve set for your office.

I’m very grateful to have found Vaughn Family Dentistry and would highly recommend your practice to anyone looking for an outstanding dental office. Thank you for the excellent dental work and kindness you’ve extended to me over the past year.


Maureen Flood

Dr. Vaughn and his staff have gone out of their way to make every visit comfortable and as stress-free as possible.

I became a patient of Dr. Vaughn at the recommendation of my husband’s family. At the time, I was experiencing pain in several areas that was not addressed in my previous dental care. I knew on my first visit I made the right choice. Dr. Vaughn sat with me and explained in detail the areas that needed immediate attention. Over the course of a year, Dr. Vaughn corrected numerous problems including several root canals and crowns. Every visit has been a pleasant one. Dr. Vaughn and his staff have gone out of their way to make every visit comfortable and as stress-free as possible. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a kind and competent dentist. I am grateful to Dr. Vaughn and his entire staff.

Bonnie Dzurenda

I happily drive 35 miles one way to see dr. Vaughn and i always will.

It is with pleasure that I write about my experience at Vaughn Family Dentistry. You see, I am (was) a very apprehensive person about going to the dentist. The thought of it brought on severe anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath. It had been years since I had been to the dentist and the neglect of my teeth was quite obvious. I developed a toothache and was in a lot of pain. The time had come to deal with it. I made an appointment, drove to the dentist’s office and parked but could not get out of the car. I just sat there and cried. How embarrassing! I could not help feeling like this and I could not talk myself out of it!! My family and friends did not understand and, really, neither did I. What was wrong with me?

One morning while driving to work, I heard a radio advertisement about Pleasant Dreams Dentistry in which you are sedated during dental work and have little or no memory of it. I looked it up on the Internet and called. They referred me to Vaughn Family Dentistry in Trumbull, CT. I called and Tina pleasantly and patiently answered all of my questions. She was very reassuring and said Dr. Vaughn could help me. She explained that my first appointment would be a free consultation and that Dr. Vaughn would not even look in my mouth if I didn't want him to. This gave me the courage to make and keep that appointment!

When the day came, I managed to get there and go inside. Everyone was so nice. They didn't make me wait; they brought me in immediately. Sue took X-rays so Dr. Vaughn could get an idea of what was going on with my teeth. She kept me calm by talking about all the other people who felt like I did about going to the dentist. Thanks for that, Sue; it helped to know others had the same fear!

I liked Dr. Vaughn immediately. He was kind, gentle, understanding, and professional. As promised, he did not have to examine my teeth that day. He knew all he needed to know by looking at the X-rays. We reviewed them and discussed all the work I needed. While other dentists might have made me feel uncomfortable about letting my teeth get this bad, he did not. He simply said he could help me. He explained that he could order a pill that would relax me but assured me he could sedate me completely — allowing me to “sleep” through treatment — if I wanted. He spent a whole hour of his time (free of charge) explaining procedures and reassuring me. I left his office very impressed with him and his staff, promising to call soon for an appointment, but I never made that call!

A few weeks later, Dr. Vaughn called my house himself with genuine concern about the emergency status of my teeth. Again, he was very understanding and reassuring about my anxiety. It was just what I needed. Maybe I can do this!!

Time has passed and thanks to Dr. Vaughn’s gentle approach and great work, I now have beautiful teeth. It has changed my life. Although there are five dentists within a two-mile radius of my house, I happily drive 35 miles one way to see Dr. Vaughn and I always will.

Thank you to Dr. Vaughn and his wonderful staff for all they have done for me. I can't stop smiling!!!

Jean DeBrizzi

My transformation was so fast and so pain-free.

I have always been a happy person, although to look at me, it wasn't always easy to tell. I was ashamed of my smile so it wasn't used often. Why? I was one of the probably millions of people that was desperately afraid of going to the dentist. I had several missing teeth due to neglect and fear.

Then I met Drs. Vaughn and Giuliano and my self-esteem was transformed. Their staff is the friendliest and most efficient that I have ever had the pleasure to experience. And my transformation was so fast and so pain-free...if it hadn't happened to me, I never would have believed it possible.

Now I have the most beautiful smile that I show off all the time. Thank you, doctors, for all that you and your staff have done for me.

Ellen S.

There has been a very large burden lifted off of my shoulders, not to mention my quality of life has improved one million percent.

Dear Dr. Vaughn & Staff,

I would like to start off by saying that there are very few chances one has in life to make a positive change to affect our quality of life. So many times people, myself included, would say we are going to get something done that would enhance our life or someone else's life, but we know that sometimes we do not always follow through. Our intentions are good, but sometimes things really happen that prevent us from taking that first step, or in my case, a leap of faith. We make up every reason that we can think of to put off something that may change our life forever.

I had personally neglected taking care of my oral health for the last 17+ years, due to many factors. Bad experiences with dentists, fear of the pain that may arise out of treatment, embarrassment, and above all, shame. Then one day I did take that leap of faith and called Vaughn Family Dentistry. Let me emphasize “Family Dentistry.” From the minute they spoke to me on the phone and then entered their office, I felt a part of their family. I had never met nor spoke to anyone in the office until the day that I had made that very difficult and stressful telephone call. When I arrived at the office, Dr. Vaughn personally spoke to me on a level that no Professional had in my entire life. He made sure that I understood exactly what was to take place during every step of the way and he assured me that he can and will help me, both orally and emotionally through the entire process.

There has been a very large burden lifted off of my shoulders, not to mention my quality of life has improved 1 million percent. This is all due to the professionals that work at Vaughn Family Dentistry. From the bottom of my heart thank you Dr. Vaughn and staff for all that you have done for me and my family.

Aaron H.

The best dental experience of my life.

I first went to Dr. Vaughn out of total necessity. I hadn't been to a dentist in 15 years, and I was scared to death. All my past experiences with dentists had been horrible. I was a basket case of nerves, crying, and fearful. Dr. Vaughn calmed me down completely. I never had any discomfort for any of the procedures I went through, and there were many.

From the front desk to the dental assistants to the doctor, I received nothing but kindness and experienced care. My mouth is in the best shape it has ever been in, and I actually call and ask for appointments proactively now! It’s wonderful, and it’s the way it should be.

I’m so grateful to Dr. Vaughn and his wonderful staff, and of course, my whole family decided to go to Vaughn Family Dentistry. The rooms are state-of-the-art, clean, and welcoming. They offer CareCredit payment plans, which was really helpful, and the staff always helped me with any insurance questions I had.

I highly recommend Vaughn Family Dentistry to anyone who feels apprehensive in any way about going to the dentist. Dr. Vaughn is the best!

Wendy S.